Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Woo Hoo!

Many of my friends are busy posting their agility winnings and accomplishments on FaceBook and YouTube. I am very proud of them and feel happy for them that they are all doing so well. Really, I am. I do have Tip to run and she continues to turn in stellar performances, but it is not what is making me bust at the seams right now.

I am going to post a HUGE accomplishment of mine here today. It feels like we just ran a marathon and came in with a personal best time!! Split finished rehab today. His physical therapist is super happy with his progress and doesn't want to see him again (except for maintenance work). This is very much like a marathon for me. It has been 4 months off from our regular routine, 2 months of that with very little activity. Then SLOWLY introducing agility back into our lives for 2 months and we aren't done yet, but we can begin to see our first trial date in sight.

So, when you run your dog and they are healthy and happy, kiss them and thank them for the gift of another great run!

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