Sunday, January 5, 2014


Nothing really special to say, just thought I would post Split's Tunnelers runs from this weekend.

There are certain things that just make you smile and this is IT for me.

  • I love the almost startline. He is on the edge of blowing it but he doesn't.
  • I loved that he pulled me out to the startline, just couldn't wait to get started.
  • I love seeing him run his little heart out.
  • I love the foaming at the mouth and smile at the end.

I know, a lot of people try to avoid these overstimulated, not perfect, and well...obnoxious behaviors. I use to as well.  But..

  • Any living thing that has this level of elation, how can you not smile?
  • I have a dog that worries way too much and is never this eager. Puts this problem into a different perspective.
I no longer look at this as a problem, it is a blessing. I just love to see my dogs smile!

P.S. I got the best question at the trial. "Do you train your dog's to run that fast, or did they just come that way?" Answer: I teach them to love the game.