Puppy Foundation and skill inventory

I teach my puppies lots of things.  Not only do I shape them to do lots of silly pet tricks, but also many useful foundation skills for agility.  I may not use all of these skills in the actual performance of agility, but they are really handy to have as I am teaching the puppy.  I find that my pups learn differently and one pup may respond better to one thing, the other responds better to something else.  Since I teach all of these before the pup is ready for equipment 1) it gives us a great list to work on together 2) lots of learning before the pup can physically do equipment 3) I only need to have the pup brush up on the skill if I need to use it during their career.

Here are some of the video's of me teaching Hoot:

Toy Races
Nose Target
Younger Dog Table Games
Table Games
Teeter and sending around a wing
Tunnels and Cones
Pack recalls and lay down

List of skills (not on agility equipment).  I view all of these as essential and would not proceed without them.  Don't know if this list is complete, but it is a great start.
  • Nose touch on a target
  • Nose touch on my hand
  • Come to hand
  • Release with focus
  • It's Your Choice
  • Restrained recalls
  • "side", line up at my side
    • First me standing still and then on the go
  • Table games
  • Toy races
  • Tug
  • Going around a cone
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • 2o2o on a board (never anything that looks like agility equipment)
  • Running target (hit a foot target and keep on running)
  • "hit it", targeting a box
  • One dog at a time release (the dog's name and then 'ok')
  • Flat work, following my motion
  • Lay down and lay down at a distance
  • Backing up stairs
  • Running to a dead toy
  • Spin

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