Tip is my first agility dog.  She is a very intense girl no matter what she is doing.  She is very independent and the typical girl.  She won't do anything unless there is also something in it for her.

Tip and I started in agility in 2006.  It was hard to locate any beginner classes so Tip and I started at an agility drop-in.  Our introduction was running AKC Excellent courses.  First we started with her on leash and then graduated to off leash once she got the idea.  Not really a recommended way to start :)

We started trialing in 2007 with an extremely rough start.  I can tell you it is extremely hard to learn agility as a human with a smokin fast border collie who's agenda is self-gratification.

Tip has made me work for every obstacle and Q that we have gotten in our career.  I am a better handler because of it, but I could have used a few less tears!

I don't really keep a list of all of the titles, but some of Tip's accomplishments are: USDAA P-ADCH, 1st place in PVP Rocky Mountain Regionals 2011, 1st place PSJ Rocky Mountain Regionals 2011, 1st place PGP Rocky Mountain Regional 2013.

Tip as a puppy keeping an eye on the house from "her spot"

Beginning agility "on leash"

Tip and I with all the rewards from Regionals 2011

My weavin fool!

1st Place Rocky Mountain Regional

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