Sunday, October 4, 2009

Segments from USDAA team

I ran team this weekend with both dogs. I think it was safe to say that the theme of the courses was pull throughs. Here are some excerpts from this weekend that I want to isolate and practice for Nationals.

First excerise--demonstrating option 1 that people choose for handling


First excerise--demonstrating option 2 that people choose for handling (more popular)


Second - more popular choice

second option 2

This is a segment of the course so no leadout will demonstrate the problem. Handling #4, several people either got the tunnel or a refusal at #4. With a fast dog it was hard to get from the Frame to #4 to handle smoothly. Weave pole entry was hard to cue ahead of time because you needed the dog to jump toward you and then you could cue it. Of course the dog weaved into the edge of the course.

Again, segment of the course. Not many people too many problems on this. Just thought it was interesting. I have now seen this at AKC and USDAA were the dog is blind to where you are coming out of the tunnel.