Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today's training (4)

All three dogs got to go over to the agility field today. We were going to meet Carol and Tangle's half sister Dash.

Mostly we were helping Carol out with her APHS jump exercises. I decided to use this time to train Tangle on recalls. When we had breaks from working Dash, Tangle would get his recall exercised. He did really well!! He has the basic desire to be with me so when I call, his recall is probably 80 percent. Fairly good for having the pup three days!

I am hoping to hit the field again tonight so I will leave this short.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 3

Today I was back to work and had kind of a busy day. Tangle got to be included in some of the activities.

Sam stayed home with him this morning. He had a walk with the big dogs. I understand it was a little better than yesterday's leash walk. Then Tangle got to go to an office party (outdoor BBQ). He got to experience balloons, things blowing in the wind, plastic bottles (the BIG hit), and games where people were throwing things. He was a champ and only a poped balloon scared him a little!! He slept about half the time in the cool grass and then visited the other half.

I did train the big dogs this morning, but Tangle was left at home. The dogs needed to jog some and Tangle is still too little for that.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 2 - Over the travel hangover

I would like to blog most days so I will keep these short most of the time.

Troop woke up a different man this morning. Full of life! This is the first day he got to train with the big dogs at the agility field. Big dogs worked on jump grids and turns before/after the broadjump. With Tangle we worked on priming the pump activities. I worked on learning how to train three dogs in our morning sessions and cleaning up my body language on jump grids.

This morning I rotated the dog that was working, each getting about 5 minutes of my time. The ones that were not working got treated sporadically for being good.

Tangle worked on click-n-treat, just getting us ready for shaping. He worked on recalls (a skill I don't do well without), and a little bit of shaping "look at me". Also last night Sam helped me with restrained recalls which he LOVED. Interestingly, he was more out of control when I was calling him then Sam.

Misc work around the house was tug: He is better than he was yesterday and has thrown in a little growl and rooing for entertainment value!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 1 - Introducing Tangle

Introducing our newest little one Tangle (Cedar Rem X Cadet).

Today we are spending the day just getting to know each other and getting him settled in. We are beginning with activities that prime the pump. I am teaching Troop that I am the funnest person on the planet. Lots of his food will be coming from me, I always have toys and play with him and when I call him there is ALWAYS a huge awesome reward waiting for him!

All these activities will help lay the foundation for his journey to be an awesome member of our household and an excellent agility partner.
BTW, I changed the color of the blog to red in honor of the new color I added to the pack!