Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keepin it smooth

I am attending a seminar this weekend with Mary Ellen Berry and Jen Crank. Both are really great presenters.

I have learned several new things, but one thing a wanted to write down now was something Mary Ellen said today.

For the last six months or so my nerves have been getting the best of me in trials. I am sure it has to do with life outside agility, but none the less, frustrating.

Today was no different, my first run with MEB my nerves got the best of me! I messed up things that I shouldn't have messing up. MEB said that I needed to take the sudden motions out of my running. I guess I had seveal spots were my motion was quick and abrupt. I needed to smooth things out. For some reason, today that made the difference! It finally gave me words that I could repeat and they had an effect on my nerves and motions!!

I have read some of Lenny Basham books and articles, a Mental management speaker. Lenny talks a lot about how you phrase things. For example, don't spill the milk. What does the person focus on...spilling the milk! Well, these words of smoothing things out fit into Lenny's massage too. Focus on what I want to happen. Today, smoothing things out was the magic combo of words!!