Monday, October 4, 2010

Starting Monday off right

Tangle and I went to train with a friend and her sheltie. Tangle's growth is beginning to outpace the sheltie, but he is still playing nicely. It will be nice if he can keep his manners and play with small dogs too!

We worked both pups with agility equipment today, but no agility of course! We first worked the teeter. We had the pups walk part way up the down side of the teeter, turn around and come to the end and get fed. When they were at the end, the other person would let the teeter fall the 2 inches that they were holding it off the ground. The objective was to get the pups use to walking on a board, slight movement and turning around on boards. Both pups were unphased and loved getting fed of course.

The second thing we did was restrained recalls through the tire. The tire was completely down. It just really introduced some distraction to the recall and showed them the tire. Just kinda fun and different.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A good weekend

Well, just got back from a long walk with Tangle. We purposely went pass fences that we knew had barking dogs. As we went on our walk he got treated any time he looked at me. When we started to hear the barking dogs, I would tell Tangle "watch" he would look at me and get treated for not barking. If he started barking we would move further away from the fence to distance where he would relax. He got treated for being relaxed again. By the end of the walk he was getting so he could move (not run ) away from the sound to a place that felt safe, he was also looking at me. Good boy!!!

On our walk we encountered: burrito dogs, rude lunging dogs, polite dogs, playgrounds with kids (he LOVES kids)

The older two BCs went to USDAA trial this weekend. We had some outstanding results. Both Tip and Split got Team Q's for Nationals. My most proud moment was when a train was going by and Split went to the start line, waited until I released him, and ran an awesome run with me. He is VERY afraid of loud noises. After we finished he did beg to go to his kennel, but that is fine! Split is now in Master's jumpers as well!!

Of special note, Split made all his AFrame contacts this weekend!!! Remember, we have been retraining from 2o2o to running.

Tip did an awesome job this weekend. I am growing to expect that of her finally!!! Boy, we have come a long way and I wasn't sure I would ever see that day :)

Things we need to work on from this weekend: Split's weaves! He still isn't hitting those 100 percent of the time and he is old enough to be solid on those.