Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grand Prix inspired

Tip needs another Grand Prix Q to qualify for Nationals so I decided to work on Grand Prix courses. Here is a course that was inspired by a Frank Holik course. Frank will be the judge at the Rocky Mountain Regionals so why not study up?

The start of the course was actually fairly fun, I started with Tip by standing in between #1 and #3 and then front crossing (FC) #2. The sequence 3-4-5-6 was fairly straight forward. However once the dog comes out of the tunnel you have to make a decision which side of #8 to pick them up. I tried both sides, but ended up liking the inside closest to the tunnel. It was much clearer to cue Tip that she was turning. This does make it a rear cross (RC) over a triple, but Tip handled it great.

The next trouble spot was 15-16-17. This is because the spacing of 16 to 17 was a bounce jump for Tip. Typically I don't set up something that is a bounce jump, but once in a while it is really good to practice different jumping skills. That is, scope out what is coming and what adjustments in the jump style does she have to make in order to not knock the bar.

On the Tangle front, we had a great lesson today. We worked on his teeter. We were working on his speed across the teeter. The suggestion was to do restrained recalls over the teeter. Also, have the toy low to the teeter, about in the middle when released, and run to the end. By the end of his teeter session he was driving faster.

Interesting little factoid was that Tangle had about a 100 percent failure rate during the lesson on the dog walk. Since we are about 100 percent success rate at home it tells me that we need to go on a dog walk tour. That is, visit a lot of dog walks around town and show him that his performance should be the same on all of them.

P.S. I will still probably move his dog walk to a 2o2o

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pack recalls

Spring has sprung in our area. It has been fairly wet for the last week and this morning was too icy to work much. I decided to work pack recalls.

I train the individual recalls like this because it comes in handy for so many things:

  • Self control

  • Being able to train one dog, but have the others handy on the field

  • Safety, I have had to call one dog past a coyote and need the other to stay

  • Run, then lie down is handy and good for snooker too

As I reviewed the video I find once again inconsistencies in myself. It is so hard to be completely consistent!! I have found that in raising my child and again in training my dogs. My goal is to be consistent in my training and with each passing day I do get better. Honestly, I know I won't reach my goal, but better is always great!

"Technically", I only need to say the dogs name and that will release them from their stay. I also included the word "come". "Technically", if I use only the word "come", all three dogs should release to me. As you can see Split wanted his specialized invitation.

Video of Pack Recalls