Thursday, July 23, 2015

Discriminations, tunnels, aframes, weaves in a small space

I put this course together this morning.  Actually my goal was to keep Hoot off the AFrame and I figured I would just work tunnels.  With Tangle, I ended up working tunnels and the AFrame.

For small spaces this course has a lot of skill work to offer.

White square - I worked come to hand, and discriminations.  It was very fun to work cueing for the AF vs the tunnel.  #4 I worked from the landing side so independent weaves are a great skill to have.

Black square - #3 was a bit challenging to get, my direction of motion needed to be perfect.  #6 I ran as basically a serp.

White Circle - #4 I ended up doing a lap turn.

Black Circle - Kind of straight forward

Have fun and let me know if you discover any other courses in this setup