Friday, January 8, 2010

Training made fun

OK, I would like to add to this post several times. In general I am all about fun. Anytime I can take a situation and put more fun into it, I am there!

First idea, learning what the stressers are in agility
1. Agility Nerd has already put together the challenges, so I don't even have to collect them!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ready for Action

Ah, the rest or change of pace was nice for 6 weeks. I am feeling rejuvenated and ready for another season of agility. But first, herding! Split and I will be attending a herding seminar this weekend. Really looking forward to being able to play with my dog in a different way.

We had our first trial of the season this past weekend, USDAA. We really had some great runs (all three of us). Split did not have any crazy runs around the course without me. He did have some moments where he lost his brain, but we got it back (the pause table is good for something!). Split had a beautiful standard run, but we didn't Q. Video does not reveal what the problem was...I suspect recording error.

Tip had a great weekend, had to pull her from one standard run for a teeter fly off. Her teeter was beautiful on the next run :) Her jumpers run was SMOKEN fast and accurate. One of those runs that everything went right and we worked as a team. Nice to hear the crowd clap for the run!

Beginning to compile the list of what skills we need to hone!