Thursday, May 30, 2013

Got some new gadgets!

OK, it all begins with an idea.  "I wonder which kind of a start is faster on this course..."

Well, just so happens that I got a new cell phone last week.  Ya know, one of those phones that is as big as a dinner plate (quoting a friend).

Since I had that fantastic new phone with its fantastic new camera I decided to get "Coaches Eye".  It is a snazzy little app that allows you to film, put two films side-by-side, start them where you want each one to start and run them side by side (among other things).  You can see where I am going right?

Well, hum, I was home alone tonight, how am I going to hold the phone (ie, camera) still to video and run a dog?  Well, one trip to REI and I got a GridTight Mount for my tripod.  Great little gadget, fits all sorts of cell phones and hooks onto a standard tripod.

All set!!

So, here is my handy dandy experiment.   I thought that a running start would be much faster.  Don't think that it was.  I thought that Tangle would beat Split.  Split doesn't turn as tight usually, but since he apparently knew it was a race...