Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nothing in Life is Free

NILIF is a phrase my dogs know well. Me being the bad dog owner that I am I don't practice it 100 percent of the time, but enough. It is Tangle's turn this week to work for ALL of his food (not that working sucks for a Border Collie really).

I admit, I am not the most exciting handler right now. I am moving at a snail's pace and planning courses or exercises that don't require me to move much. Chasing me on course is one of Tangle's favorites. But, my lack of ability is no reason to blow me off for sure! We were on course this morning and Tangle decided that most of the rest of life was randomly more interesting. It wasn't a stress reaction, it was that I was boring. Usually, I think that I am way more entertaining for him, at least my neighbors tell me I am (crazy dog lady).

So, today his meals were fed by hand. Interesting, we worked the teeter and the dog walk a little since he hasn't really been on either obstacle for a month of so. I was AMAZED at how fast both obstacles were once he figured out he got handfuls of a meal while in the yellow zone.

Tonight we had a high school soccer game, Tangle got to do tricks for most of the game, and greet small children for food. He did an awesome job focusing on me instead of the running kids kicking soccer balls. This was mostly "Train to Maintain", but it went along with the theme of the week!