Monday, December 8, 2008

Amazing trial weekend

We did a NADAC trial this weekend and had some amazing things happen!! Sometimes it is not all about the Qs.

I went into the weekend knowing that I would have to train Tip's startline stays. She has been blowing them off for a year or so, but I only train one major thing at a time and the dog walk had been getting our attention. It took us three runs, she blew it, and walked her back and asked her to stay. The rest of the weekend was awesome, no broken stays! Only three times--amazing for us. Took a year for her to stay at the end of the dog walk.

Typically Tip and I have at least one crazy run over the weekend. She has a bee in her bonnet, gives me the finger and goes where she wants. There was NONE of that. Again, amazing. Wondering if it was because I was also running Split. Jealousy works in mysterious ways. Wonder if it is the flatwork that we have been doing. Maybe the wild runs are her way of blowing off stress (the stress that her handler can't steer her)?

Split improved an amazing amount over the weekend. Our first run of the weekend he was glued to my side and would spin when he didn't get the info quick enough. We have been mostly doing practice type drills and his lack of drive through the course caught me off guard. I decided to not worry about the Qs, but to see if I could get him to drive through the courses better. Every run, every thing he did got a PARTY! One run he was going way off course and intinct had me call him like I would Tip. From that point to the end of the course he spon on EVERY obsticle. I realized that when I needed his attention if I called him like I do Tip, he looses confidence. I put the happy face on how I called him and that made an amazing difference.

All in all I was very pleased with how much I learned about my dogs!