Monday, May 18, 2015

The exact word you use matters

I had been thinking a lot (ok, I always am, that is who I am) about goals and objectives.  I am really trying to change my mental game.  I know that if I can get my mental game changed the physical part will follow!

I made a list of handling objectives that I really need to focus on for each run.  I suspect that I will continue to tweak this list, but for the moment I am ready to publish it.

I had to really think about this.  Part of my list is constant and part of my list can change with each run.

Party at the End

The constant part of my list
  • Be in charge of the run
  • Communicate through actions: showing lines, turns, collection etc..
  • Have calm and focused energy
  • Smile when you begin
  • Party at the end

The part that changes
  • What is the Performance objective for the run (hold contacts, trust at the weaves, cue and go).  All of these I want to do all the time, but if I am trying to improve on something, I pick that thing to really focus on.  I can't focus on 20 things to improve in one run or even a weekend.
I can't have too many things on my list so I worked on statements that really carry a lot of power for me.  "Be in charge of the run" is better for me than "run aggressively".  The word "aggressive" has a tense or uptight implication.  "In charge" is more fluid, conscientiously competent and consistent with who I am.

This past weekend I worked on getting better about "being in charge".  We weren't perfect, but I was really pleased with my improvements.  I want to say that I took chances, but I didn't.  I was just better at being in charge and showing my dogs what I wanted to happen.