Friday, September 17, 2010

Greatful for an excellent practice

Today I took Tip and Split over to the house for a practice. We worked on some short courses authored by Kathy Keats (on the Cleanrun site) and some jump grids.

First I worked Split prepared that we might have to scrape the course work and go back to circle drills (he was a little wild yesterday). Split was 100 percent in the game and ran the courses exactly like I asked! It was a great course because we had an opportunity for me to work on my timing with him. I am trying to better hone when I can cue and good and when I need to wait and be patient! In general I need to wait when I need collection--working on being better about that.

Tip did an AWESOME job on the same course. Very tight, not straight forward and she ran it clean. Man she still amazes me how far she has come. She watches me so close now!

We need worked on jump grids. I went back to the tunnel, three collected jumps and an extended jump. I felt that I had more to learn in terms of timing with the dogs. It was very fun to play with this. Split needs me to be slightly more patient with him on the collected jumps. Tip, she gets the cue and then I can go. In some ways Split is way more sensitive to my lack of motion that Tip.

I will throw in here a word about Tangle's practice last night. First we worked on recall. Boy do I need to shake this up. When he sees the treat bag he is ON IT and knows the game. It is probably time to up the distraction a little and see how he does. Maybe a park this weekend. Next we worked on sit, tug (from Susan Garrett's book). He got really good at this one as well. My goal is to get a really fast sit with him which he is well on his way to achieving! We are also playing the ready, set, OK game with tug. As soon as he hears "ready" his butt is down waiting for the next round to begin! Such a bright boy. Tangle has been getting daily walks with a little running in there (not much). He sees horses, goats, skid streer's, dogs, people, birds, etc.. We make it a little further every day.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Training Update

Well, I have been training, but haven't been updating my blog.

First Tangle - He has been doing awesome. We have been working on skills every day. Still most of the skills that just make him a good household member and pack dog. The items that we have been focusing on are: socialization, new experiences, sit, stay, lie down, come, and tugging. Tang is doing REALLY well. Yesterday he got to go to the soccer game and we played games while watching soccer. His attention span is improving and the distractions proved to be no problem at all! Very proud of the little boy.

Tip and Split-I have mostly been working on my timing with them, both on courses and with jump grids. It has been hard for me to run Tip and Split since their timing is so different. Split has been the one that has suffered the most. So, this fall I am focusing on getting his/my timing down better.

Tip and jump grids - if you have been following this blog you will know that Tip had a sprained hock last year. The vet expected that the problem would always plague us and the PT wasn't sure how long she would be able to compete. Well, Tip had started to drop a LOT of bars over the last six months. I was really worried that this was a sign that it was time to retire her. I was doing jump grids with Split and decided to include Tip in that work as well. Keeping in mind that I made the work easier on her. Well six weeks later the progress has been amazing and just what she needed. Yes, her hind end was getting weak and the jump grids have helped that problem. Interesting, I did a three day trial which 4 months ago she would have been stiff by the second day. This past weekend we did 2 days and I didn't see a single sign of a problem. Just like new she was. Amazing!!