Split was born in 2007 and started out as my son's dog.  He is an amazing dog and most days is my hero.  Very friendly, always happy, loves people, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVES to work.   He has several obstacles in life and manages to work his way through them most days.  I am constantly amazed at what he is able to overcome.  When Split was 9 months old he broke his leg.  It healed nicely, but we were warned that arthritis would probably develop, which it has.  Also, Split is very noise sensitive and has odd phobias.

So, although agility mentally is Split's savior every day, it is also a challenge to work him.  I have to limit how much I can work and trial him, otherwise he develops a limp.   I am very committed to keeping him active his whole life.  I limit him to about 10-15 minutes of training a day, but this is making me a better, more focused trainer. 

How cute is this?

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