Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tangle and I had a fun 10 minutes!

With my foot injury I have not been able to move very much. I have been able to run the older dogs working on things that don't require much motion. They both put up with that effort and went along for the ride. No worse for the wear.

I learned that a green dog is a different story. Tangle got a little confused when I would take him out to work and I really wasn't moving. You could see his little wheels turn. Is this really what we are doing today? So, I decided the best thing for Tangle was to stop training him. It is easier to fix a rusty dog then to fix a dog who is completely confused!

It has been about 3 weeks!

Tonight I decided my foot was feeling good enough that I afforded myself 10 minutes of training with Tangle. We did things that didn't take a ton of motion, but I wasn't limiting myself either. We spent our 10 minutes just catching up on fun things and enjoying each others company. We worked weaves, A-Frames, serpentines, boxes, and even threw in a threadle ( he did great with that BTW).

He was so happy to be out in the agility field playing with mom and I was thrilled to be running my little boy again!