Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cynosport 2014

Well Cynosport 2014 is in the books and I can't decide how I feel about it!

I guess the easy things first, I liked the site, but I am still not a fan of turf outdoors.  It just gets too hot for the dogs.  I would much prefer grass if we are running outdoors (and I do prefer outdoors).  I think that USDAA did a great job getting things organized and keeping things running. For the most part I think the judges were great (I don't want their job, I know it is hard to stand and judge all day).  The courses were fairly nice as well.  Favorite courses were Team Jumpers and Fancy Standard.  Challenging, yet fast!

In terms of my own runs, I had a lot of great moments on course, but each run was plagued with "one (or two) little thing(s)".  I would also say for the most part the "one little thing" was almost always handler error.  I didn't execute something correctly.

I never felt like we encountered things on course that I didn't know how to handle, which is awesome.  There was only one instance where I would say that I would have handled something differently than I walked it.

So why can't I decide how I feel?  Well that is always the six million dollar question.

I have been struggling with the minor errors for a while now.  I think because I am tired, I went into the competition being tired and I am still tired.  Probably not a great state of mind for success.

So, whenever I get stuck on something I have to walk away from it.  Let the problem rest and come back to it when I am fresh.  So, it is time for a break. 

P.S. comments on Tangle's teeter call are for another blog post