Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You have to work hard for what you want

Agility is a blast, if it weren't, a lot of us would be doing something else!

But let's face it, when there is something that you really want in agility, it is a lot of hard work!  Really hard work!  Most goals in life are that way.  If it were easy, you would already have it right?

You have to really, really want it.  You have to keep your focus on it and your commitment toward that goal.  Some days it is easy because you make progress and some days are exhausting and hard and uphill!

The first such "project" that I had in agility was with Tip, when I finally realized that if I let her run a muck on the agility course I will never, ever accomplish anything.  So, the process of learning to handle and getting the mess under control was huge.  It was partially huge because I didn't know how to do it so the journey was a lot of uphill climbs.

The second project, getting Tangle JAZZED to play agility and not to worry was both physically demanding and mentally challenging.  I worked physically hard to get that boy to just love tug!  And to be honest, now I am a bit afraid each time I tug with him.  He is so strong and not gentle AT ALL!  Mentally, I had to stay engaged with him always, be cheerful, and be jazzed for him.  If you have ever had to do this, then you know, you are mentally exhausted by the process.  But, in the end, it is worth it and Tangle takes very little effort to get him jazzed.  I had to really want this transformation in our relationship.

My current project, changing my handling style is hard every day right now.  In the beginning, the project was driven by Hoot, who is a combo of a flying monkey and Ferrari.  I have to be on my game or it will not end well.  But now, the project has other drivers and Tangle is benefiting from it in spades.  I know all the hard work will be worth it.

This project take changes in how I physically and mentally run.  I watch video of myself EVERY DAY!  I am on a constant quest for exercises that will test and challenge what I am trying to do, I check my decisions every day to make sure they are in line with my goals.  I never take my eye off the ball.   This takes devotion and time.

Every day I am physically sore, I am mentally exhausted, but some days I get to be really proud of what I am accomplishing!  It will be worth it!

So, if you have something you really, really want--commit to it. Find those few people who will support you and be honest with you, and never let you settle even when you are down, sore, or discouraged.  It will be worth it!