Sunday, September 13, 2009

What does the next year bring?

That is always the question, what does the next year bring. After just finishing USDAA regionals I find myself starting to think about the goals for the next year now that my goals for this past year are beginning to come to an end.

Myself - Looking back on the last year I have come a long way. As a handler I handle the dogs more consistently, my body and mouth are more quiet. I have been able to be focused and stay calm and have a great run, but I can't always bring this to bear.

In the next year I want to work more on consistentcy.
1. In each practice I want to approach at least one run as if it is competition. Focused, calm, and handling to win.
2. I want to review foundation skills on a rotating basis with each dog.
3. Enter a trial every three months that I can devote to training in the ring. There is always something that one of the dogs needs to be called on.
4. Run each dog with the appropriate style--biggest difference is the Frame.
5. Get better at snooker.
6. Cue in a more timely fashion

Split - Little Splitty has come a long way in this last year. He drives through the courses, has some very good turning skills, teeter/dog walk are good enough so he doesn't get faulted. He still has a hard time if he has to wait at the start line, he begins to shut down. The Frame is a huge challenge for us still.

In the next year.
1. Get his frame contact consistent and his dog walk contact more appropriately 2o2o.
2. See if I can figure out how to avoid those really wild runs. He doesn't have as many as Tip, but when he does its UGLY.
3. Further refine his skills of checking in with me (might relate to #2)
4. Find a warm up routine that brings him into focus

Tip - WOW! Tip has come a long way in a year. At regionals last year I was ready to retire her I was so tired of fighting her wild nature. I could never predict which dog was at the trial with me. Now I rarely see a wild run out of her. She is focused, with me, and behaves! What made the difference? Age I think had a lot to do with it, having a much stricker standard for her when we practiced, and getting another dog so she was not the queen anymore.

In the next year.
1. Proof the start line again (it is not that bad, but it SOOOOO impacts a run when she breaks it)
2. Work with her on snooker skills. I think these skills will help her runs in general. Pulling through obsticles, collection/extension type excerises, long leadouts, etc...
3. Continue progress on knocked bars.
4. Regular foundation rotation. She tends to get rusty on things (like 12 weaves poles right now)