Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pack recalls

Spring has sprung in our area. It has been fairly wet for the last week and this morning was too icy to work much. I decided to work pack recalls.

I train the individual recalls like this because it comes in handy for so many things:

  • Self control

  • Being able to train one dog, but have the others handy on the field

  • Safety, I have had to call one dog past a coyote and need the other to stay

  • Run, then lie down is handy and good for snooker too

As I reviewed the video I find once again inconsistencies in myself. It is so hard to be completely consistent!! I have found that in raising my child and again in training my dogs. My goal is to be consistent in my training and with each passing day I do get better. Honestly, I know I won't reach my goal, but better is always great!

"Technically", I only need to say the dogs name and that will release them from their stay. I also included the word "come". "Technically", if I use only the word "come", all three dogs should release to me. As you can see Split wanted his specialized invitation.

Video of Pack Recalls

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