Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 2 - Over the travel hangover

I would like to blog most days so I will keep these short most of the time.

Troop woke up a different man this morning. Full of life! This is the first day he got to train with the big dogs at the agility field. Big dogs worked on jump grids and turns before/after the broadjump. With Tangle we worked on priming the pump activities. I worked on learning how to train three dogs in our morning sessions and cleaning up my body language on jump grids.

This morning I rotated the dog that was working, each getting about 5 minutes of my time. The ones that were not working got treated sporadically for being good.

Tangle worked on click-n-treat, just getting us ready for shaping. He worked on recalls (a skill I don't do well without), and a little bit of shaping "look at me". Also last night Sam helped me with restrained recalls which he LOVED. Interestingly, he was more out of control when I was calling him then Sam.

Misc work around the house was tug: He is better than he was yesterday and has thrown in a little growl and rooing for entertainment value!

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