Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feels like kindergarten again

This blog is mostly for myself! A marker in time if you will about where we are and what we are doing.

Today's session with Tangle today was great, but there are certain things that running/training a green dog teaches or reteaches you. Experienced dogs, like experienced people have the ability to say "I know what you said, but I will do what you really want". Green dogs say "OK, I will do exactly what you told me".

We worked on several things today and more than once I was educated by my young dog!

Start lines - I have a tendency to push slightly out laterally as I am beginning to run forward. Tangle is reading this as lateral motion and will come around the jump since he is not obstacle focused yet. I need to make sure that I have my weight moving forward and give the jump command!

Start lines - I know about this gotcha, but am still guilty in certain situations. When I am asking for a lateral start, that is my lead out is just to the side, not forward I move AS I release the dog. I need to move and then release. Tangle was releasing on motion.

Start lines, contacts, and the table - I need to use my release word and then the obstacle name. I want it very clear what releases him.

Straight line of jumps - I need to remember to give him the jump command! Older dogs don't need it, but Tangle still needs it. He wants to be right and that helps reassure him that I do want him to take that jump! I also need to be mindful that he can't drive the pace, it is I who has that job.

Just to mark where we are on our other obstacles at this point:

Teeter performance - Tangle has started to identify the tipping point of the teeter instead of just driving to the end. We need to go back and do the following exercise to help him focus on the 2o2o and not the tipping.:
--hold the end of the teeter up, hold Tangle, and have him drive into his 2o2o position while the teeter is up and then let it drop.

Dog Walk - We have made the conversion to a 2o2o (2 feet on, 2 feet off) at the end. Tangle completely understands his job and is doing it really well, but I want excellent! I need to incorporate some drive to the end exercises. Again, focus on getting to the end as soon as possible. When he had a running dog walk we didn't need to work on this.

A-Frame - What can I say, it is awesome! It is still a running contact and I intend to keep this one running. He runs it at full speed, just clearing the apex and drives to the bottom. So, we will just continue to raise it.

Specialty jumps - time to introduce them! Tire, winged jumps, double, triple, and broad jump.

In general Tangle is doing an excellent job. His speed to good, watches me well, thoughtful and quick to learn. What more could I ask really!

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