Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Split returned to class last night. First time in about 5 months! Now Splits is a happy dog anyway, but last night he was celebrating in every way he knew how. Wagging his tail from his soul, howling, yipping, and greeting everybody as if he hadn't seen them in 100 years. The boy was happy!!

This was the course that we had Split run. We were trying to take it easy on him since this would be his first time out. He has run at home, but nothing parallels the excitement of being in class for him.

All in all I have to say I was super pleased with how he did considering his excitement was OVER THE TOP!

Back in January Split was having a few problems. I am positive most of them were attributed to his injury (got to love 20/20 hind sight). Skipping weaves, jumping off the teeter, avoiding jumps.

Last night's course was a different story. He did awesome for his first time out. Took all the jumps, hit the weave entries and finished them, and all with speed!

The only problem on the course that we had was several really, really wide turns! 12 to 13 he really wanted to hit the weaves on the way back to me, and 14-15 he wanted to hit the tunnel. Now to be fair, it was hard to cue collection, but I am not sure he was really interested in collecting and running a controlled course. He wanted to stretch out and just RUN!

I was expecting worse since he was very over the top! I am just thrilled to have him running again, wide turns included!

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