Thursday, February 24, 2011

10 treat training

Confession Time!

I think that I have heard this since I started agility, "get 10 treats, go out and train, and when the treats are gone, you are done". Well for various reasons I never felt that it was important to adhere to that. Probably mostly since I have a border collie personality and until I am dead I will keep working :)

Well, since Split's news I have been thinking a lot about this statement. It might really be the perfect amount of training for him. A couple of really great reasons, it limits how much strenuous physical activity I will give him, makes me focus my training with him since I have to be so very limited, and it seems very possible now that I don't have to drive 45 minutes to train for 3 minutes (I just go out back).

So, this afternoon I did 10 treat training with Split! (I actually had a little more than 10 treats just because if I want to super reward I have the ammo.)

Our theme was "drive forward".

He did three magnificent tunnel to dog walks for me (better than I have seen in a long time), a couple of straight three jump sequences, and two tables.

We ended the session, he was still happy, confident and not limping!

P.S. I have begun to think lately that dogs have a finite number of runs in their life, we can choose to use those up in 3 years or pace ourselves so that our dogs run with us their whole lives.

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