Sunday, March 6, 2011

The IPad update

My husband bought me an IPad for Christmas. I had mixed emotions about it. 1) I know they are expensive and I didn't have a burning need for it 2) I am a techy/programmer by trade so of course the whole new technology thing was exciting.

I decided that I would start down the path of making my IPad as useful for agility as possible. I had NO CLUE what that meant so I had to define it along the way.

I found a course designer for the IPad, Agility IMap. It took me just a couple of minutes to figure it out and I love it. Easy to use and actually faster to draw a course than with Course Designer. The website has all sorts of great tips on how to get the most out of the app. My only wish item is that I can import between IMap and Course Designer. Frequently I share agility exercises with friends and we draw how we would have handled that.

IBook - I have a ton of PDFs with "how to" type information in them. It has been really handy for me to take the IPad out to the agility field and have the reference at hand. The added bonus, it doesn't blow away in the wind like my printed version does :)

Movies - I frequently load agility clips on the IPad. Either movies of my own dogs that I want to review over and over. For instance, my latest obsession is Tangle's running contacts. This is really handy to have these items on the go. I can take them to class and have my instructor review them as well.

A friend put all her runs into TV shows. I am not clear why she has them all on her IPad, but she finds it useful.

I subscribed to Clean Run's digital version. I download these and have them available off line.

In the Mary Ellen Barry seminar I tried to take notes on the IPad. I just couldn't type fast enough. So, I am going to get a "pen" that allows me to take notes on the IPad freehand. I want to see if that is better.

My next projects: 1) get wireless access out on the agility field so that I don't have to load all my PDFs into IBooks 2) Get a "pen" so that I can take notes on the Ipad.

Wishlist - a usb connector so that I could just load my videos right onto the IPad.

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