Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Running contact week

Tangle was BRILLIANT today!

I will get video posted I promise, but the move has been keeping things busy.

Here is the video finally

I decided that Tangle was had a very good hit rate this week and I wanted to start working on speed. Mostly show him that he can run fast on the dog walk. So, I set up a small little course built for speed. I acknowledged to myself ahead of time that this could bring his hit rate dramatically down and might be too exciting for him. But ya never know until you try right?

I set up a tunnel at both ends of the lowered dog walk. I would send Tangle in one tunnel, tell him walk-it, then tunnel, if he showed any hesitation I would give him a 'go' (which is really just encouragement that he was doing the right thing).

I will modify this post once I know what the stats are, but it seemed that he did really well. He is always better when he is on my right. On my left he leaped the first couple of times, but quickly figured out what was expected.

So, speed is what I had after 10 or so reps. Not his adult speed for sure, but greatly increased. I don't plan to do this too often because I don't want to encourage the tunnel sucking, but I will use this as a tool.

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Here is the video,