Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simplify, the message of the day!

I had a great private lesson with Stacy Peardot-Goudy today. First time I have ever had a private with her. I have done seminars with her and always like them.

We reviewed Tangle's DW performance. He was not 100 percent at her place and I am actually glad for that. Not much to talk about when something is perfect. She gave me some great proofing ideas and again reiterated the fact that when training running contacts you make a couple of strides forward and sometimes you go backwards. Tangle is driving to a dead toy. At this point I should start to move the toy "around the clock" and test his knowledge of coming off he contact straight.

I have felt stuck in figuring out how I wanted to train Tangle's teeter. There is some information out there in the wild, and I had talked to some friends, but for some reason I was still feeling stuck. Stacy and I had some good discussion around training the teeter and the message was to simplify my method. She thought I was going to be teaching too many things and it would be more effort. Won't do any harm, but was it really necessary? Stacy trains the 2o2o behavior first. She always has the end of the teeter move some (stressing that this is really important for running contact dogs). Movement, you stop, no movement, you run! Then once she has completely proofed the 2o2o, she sets the teeter on its lowest setting and begins to run the dog completely across (no back chaining). By this time the dog is fairly driven to get to the end and doesn't need the back chaining.

Stacy and I had a great discussion on training flatwork with jump uprights. She trains her flatwork with jump uprights. She trains jumping separately. She felt that we could be doing more in this area and gave me some great suggestions on where to go. We worked a bit on serpentine. I got a really good explanation and understanding of teaching them to a baby dog!

Not all of this was new news, but I guess I am a private lesson kind of girl. I really need to have explanations and discussion around my lessons so I feel like I really have the concept down!

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