Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running Contacts

I have decided to do running contacts with Tangle. I am really uncomfortable with having him stop on the A-Frame. If it turns out that his stride is not very accommodating for a running contact I will add a 2o2o behavior for the dog walk. Hopefully I will always be able to keep a running A-Frame.

Here are some of my resources:
Daisy Peel
Running Contacts

I am now several days into training the RC. I am still messing around with several things trying to figure out the best way to teach Tangle. At first Tangle's challenges were looking back at me toward at the end of the contact. I solved that (at least on 1/23/2011 video) by having the manners minder make a sound. BUT...what I noticed when I was working with it today is that the sound is a little delayed. Video confirms this (really I have noticed this several times, I don't think I am late all the time). He also needed to look back at me today. I will only troubleshoot that one if it happens again.

Next time I will use a hand clicker AND a MM sound AND give Tangle the "walk-it" command.

The video's of the running contacts:

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