Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting Better

Looking back on the last week of running contacts, I see now the first week is really about adjusting to what each other needs. Since we have started there have been several things that I have had to troubleshoot and figure out a better way to do them.

  • I added a Manner's Minder (MM) - keep Tangle looking down
  • I added a jump for a couple of days after the ramp to keep Tangle driving forward
  • I took out the jump because he is now driving forward and I didn't want to encourage driving forward after a jump without my motion supporting it
  • I turned off the MM sound because it buzzes late and just use a clicker
  • I turned the MM back on to get Tangle looking forward AND used the clicker
  • I started with a plank, moved to plank and table, ended the week with the low dogwalk and back chainging. Tangle drives forward much better on the DW.

You get the idea, constant tweaking until I got the desired behavior I was looking for.

I still need to solve my late clicks and clicking for inappropriate behavior. Making the films and watching them over and over certainly helps.

Tangle's latest video

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