Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Official Party

Well we broke in our new property right. Invited several friends over from agility, BBQ, and some beers. Most everyone brought at least one dog if not more. In total we had about 12 dogs on the property and not a dog fight to be had!

We of course had to celebrate with a whopping round of "Beer" weaves (explanation later). Except in this case it was GnT weaves. We had three dogs in the weaves at once. Didn't quite manage anymore 1) our timing was slow 2) the dogs required certain 'space'

Gnt Weaves - Handler must sit in a chair with a beer/GnT in hand. Send the dog on verbal command to the weaves. The dog must complete the weaves, then a ball or Frisbee is thrown as a reward. This is a great thing the practice. Teaches the dog to drive through the weaves independently of the handler. GnT in hand assures no interference from the handler.

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