Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Dogs!

We had a great practice this morning. Only two bars down for Tip and they were my fault. Split did an excellent job with collection.

We worked on the first two exercises of the World by the Tail posted on clean run. Happy to report, all the problems were mine which is the way I like it. Dogs were listening and following really well.

This course went well. I put a FC between 4-5, 10-11,11-12. With Split the FC was essential between 11-12, otherwise he extends. Need to work on lateral motion with him.

This was the second course:

I had a hard time working this course. The movements that I needed to do just was not nature. The green path showed the way I ended up running this course as well. I kinda made up my own course. We will work on this one again.

After we worked these I worked on contacts and weaves. Split and I have been doing a "hit-it" exercise in preparation for moving him to a running AFrame. He always gives me a four on the floor and does not like the 2o2o. Since he is a completely biddable dog I am included to believe that he is telling me something and that the 2o2o hurts him. Hence, moving to a running. This exercise I believe is going to have the added benefit of helping him with independant drive. Since he must seek out the box, jump in it and run, this encourages more independance than I typically see from him.

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