Sunday, March 27, 2016

It was well worth a year of effort!

It was about a year ago that I said to my coach "I want to change my handling and timing for Tangle".  Of course I had no idea I was on a year journey, but really it didn't matter, I just wanted to do what it took for us to be the best team we could be. 

It was about 4 months ago that I said "I am going to try to love standard" (I hated standard). 

Not that we have "arrived", I don't think that you ever truly "arrive", but we are to a point where I believe that I have accomplished a significant portion of the goal.  My handling is better, my handling choices are SO MUCH BETTER, my cueing/timing for Tangle is much better, and I am now neutral on running a Standard course (I don't think I will get to the love part, but that is OK).

The work in the last year has involved so much focused work on:
  • My timing, trusting my training, cueing and going.
  • Learning better ways to cue
  • Hearing "your late" over and over
  • Timing tons of handling techniques to see what is the fastest for Tangle
  • Teaching Tangle greater commitment
  • Hearing "your late" over and over 
  • Learning how to cue lines, not obstacles
  • Increasing Tangle love to chasing me
  • Hearing "your late" over and over 
  • Focused retraining on contacts
  • Verbals
  • Proofing weaves
It feels like the list could go on and on, but I think those were the biggies for us.  I am proud that I am a better handler, better training, and I believe that it is making me a better teacher.

Here is our Standard run from today.

Also, so Hoot isn't left out, this clip shows how she has benefited from this hard work.  I trusted my training!!

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