Friday, April 10, 2015

Powering through a course

I think that there is a ton of value in teaching foundation, breaking down sequences and working all the pieces and parts of the exercise/course.  I also believe that there is tremendous value in just powering through a course, not giving up, and learning to improvise with what the dog gives you.  They aren't always going to do what you expect. :)

I am taking Silvia's Handling 1 class with Hoot.  This morning I set up one of the courses and decided that "powering through it" was my objective.  I ran the course with both Tangle and Hoot.  You can see that both dogs reacted slightly different on this course and we powered through.

When I was running this course with both dogs I was being a bit conservative.  I want to re-run it "balls to the wall" so da speak and see what kind of commitment and trust we have in each other.


A Nelson said...

Great job!!! Ziva and I are still in the beginning stages of agility, she loves the courses and seems to forget to connect with me sometimes. :-)

Mary said...

Thanks! I love following Ziva. What a wonderful dog and you are doing a great job with her.