Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy (only) 4th Birthday Tangle

Could it be?  It seems like I have only had Tangle in my life for a short time. 

Those Eyes

Happy Birthday my Tangle-man!

All of my dogs have exceptional qualities and Tangle is no exception.  Tangle has done agility before, I am sure of it.  He also was born into this world knowing how to love.  He has such a playful and loving quality about him.  A true gentle giant.

Tangle got his ADCH at the age of three, has qualified for three USDAA Cynosport competitions, competed in two.  Attended many USDAA Regionals, always walking away with metals.  He has attended a World Team Tryout.  He has placed in "High in Trial" several times.  All of these competitions he has done with grace and a calm head.  He has traveled this road before.

Photo by Ken Gee

Tangle is a good teacher for me.  Patient and  forgiving.  Willing to let me struggle until I figure out what he needs. We are beginning to develop a common language and now our conversations go much more quickly.

Thanks Tangle for choosing me! 

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