Thursday, October 24, 2013

What a sweet moment...tears to my eyes

Just got off the course at Cynosport a couple of hours ago...but wanted to write about this run before the final results come out.

Tip being 9.5 this is her last Cynosport.  I am going to retire her, whatever that means.  Probably she just won't trial as much, but will still be a part of the pack workouts on the agility course, and daily runs.

Tip and I ran Performance Grand Prix today.  The course was built for speed for sure.  Being a 9.5 year old girly, didn't know how she would hold up against the competition.  Still don't until the results are out.

But running this course, running it clean and being a "team" with my girl brought tears to my eyes when I was done.  It was a very, very sweet moment to "end a career" and to have for Cynosport 2013.

When I left the building Tip was still in 4th place.  There was one more group to run.  But, it doesn't matter, we both put our best into this run and it felt great!!

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Jackie said...

You brought tears to my eyes too! You have the best outlook ever. I'm so glad you got to have this run with Tip at Cynosports. I'm sure you'll carry it with you forever.