Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Equipment Safety!

There has been a ton of talk recently about metal jumps and their safety.  Several blogs have popped up recently about this topic.

Daisy Peel on Equipment Safety, http://www.daisypeel.com/podcasts/session8/

Linda Mecklenburg on Equipment Safety Concerns, http://www.awesomepaws.us/?p=2153

Steve Schwarz of AgilityNerd, Banning Metal Jumps, http://agilitynerd.com/blog/agility/equipment/ban-metal-jumps.html?seemore=y

I would encourage you to read/listen to these statements.  They all make excellent and strong points why we need to evolve and improve equipment safety! 

Make up your own mind!  If you believe that this is an issue I encourage you to get involved in your local community to bring about the changes that will keep our dogs safe!

This is a picture of a dog just last week that was seriously injured on a metal jump.  The dogs eye was cut and was WAY to close for comfort to the actual eye.  She could have lost her sight had it been any closer. If the jump had only one cup (none above the bar), this dog would have been safe!

How many times do we have to cringe when a dog gets hurt on equipment before we do something about the safety?


Steve said...

Thanks so much for helping spread info on how dangerous those metal jumps can be!

That picture is so scary!

Paper Shredder said...

Metal jumps must be covered before it compromises safety. Thanks for bringing that to attention.

jecky folter said...

The "weekend warrior" risks prospective damage by over-reaching while operating on undersized or poorly positioned steps, filling hot tools.

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