Monday, September 3, 2012

Taking a moment to appreciate my agility life

I am not an old timer in agility, but I have been in it long enough to have a lot of ups and downs.  So, when I have an "up" time I certainly know enough to take a moment and fully appreciate an accomplishment.  It keeps me driving through to the next opportunity to appreciate our accomplishments.

We had a USDAA trial this weekend.  I entered two out of the three dogs (Tangle and Tip).  It was the very last weekend to qualify for Team at Cynosport and we were honored to help another team qualify.

The icing on the cake was that both dogs ran great and had several notable accomplishments.  Some can even be measured in terms of wins or titles :)

I don't enter Tip in all the events.  At 8 years old, I am conservative about the mileage I put on her.  She ran 2 Standards, Gamblers and a Jumpers.  She ran beautifully, listened really well, and just generally seems to be feeling great.  She got a 1st in Jumpers and set the fastest time on course of all dogs/all jump heights, Performance and Championship.  I think that constitutes feeling great, for which I am thankful!

Tangle had an awesome weekend as well.  Huge accomplishments for the weekend, but what really gave me pause was looking back on his last 8 months (since he started USDAA).  My initial goal with Tangle this year was get him mileage, running with confidence, and qualified in at least one USDAA Cynosport event since it was going to be in Denver.  I would say that we more than met that goal.

(Pinch me now)

Tangle has:
4 Team qualifications
3 Grand Prix qualifications (2-2nd places)
A Semi-Final Grand Prix bye at Cynosport
1 Steeplechase local qualification at Regionals (3rd Place)
Starters Dog, and Advanced Dog Titles and is now running everything at the Master's level in USDAA

But, really, best of all.  The speed and confidence that he has picked up in 8 months is AMAZING to me.  And, best, best of all....he barks in his crate and comes out ready to play at trials.  Seriously, yes, this is the best to me.  Speed, titles, etc...come if the dog loves the game.  Well, this dog LOVES THE GAME!

So, as Tangle's handler, he put me on notice this weekend.  I was in his way several times so I better get my ass moving faster :)  What an AWESOME problem to have!!

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