Monday, December 27, 2010

Misc agility stuff going on

Today I worked with all three dogs this morning and went to a fun run tonight. This gave me split agility focus disorder today. BTW, this is my first IPad post!

Thoughts #1 - the training of Tangle in the next five months
Tangle had an awesome training session this morning. He is really coming along, focusing on the task at hand and beginning to add speed (yeah, I am a speed junky). I introduced a plank today. I just want Tangle to run the plank, drive off the end and get his treat. My goal today was just to get him trotting the plank beside me. I want him to stay on the plank until the end and go to the food dispenser. In the end he did a fine job and I actually had a little more speed than I anticipated. I will try to post the video.

Second we worked on rear crosses. We are doing these with a jump upright since I have not thought of a suitable substitute. We made improvements, me on giving him the correct cues and he in turning away from me. We worked up to being about four feet from the jump.

Lastly we worked on cone work. We are doing figure eights with the cones and sends. Tangle had great speed today and was turning very tightly. We also worked with lateral sends and cones.

So, were are we going in the next five months. Well, here are misc thoughts that will be put in a timeline soon. I will probably start jump training when he is ten months. His growth plates should be mostly closed by then. Between now and ten months I will work on his dog walk contact to almost fun height. Just not a ton of repetition. We will work with LM presentation positions and small sequences that involve those. Weaves, not until ten months too!

Thoughts #2 - two older dogs
I have been working contacts with both dogs. They both have been fairly solid on the teeter at home. Split's DW has been excellent. It was time to up the training. Teeters at the fun run, about fifty percent. Splits DW seventy five percent. K, needs work again.Split on teeter

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