Friday, December 10, 2010

Let me remind myself

From time to time things happen or life just get too busy and you forget why you decided on your hobby and what is in it for you. Today, I am taking that all important moment to remind myself why I do agility.

I am not doing agility to win first place, I am not doing agility to Q, I am not doing agility to be famous, I am not doing agility to have well-trained dogs (although I do), and I am not doing agility to prove that I can master something (been there done that). I do agility because I love interacting with my dogs and I love to see my dogs truly happy to be working with me. I adore learning what my dogs are capable of and I adore their look when they ask if they got it right. I love building a team with my dogs. I love the puzzles this sports asks me to solve. In short we are in it to build our relationship and have fun!

My dogs help me EVERY day be a better person!

Why is it important to remember why I do something? So that I can keep the knowledge and experiences that are aligned with my goals and let the others drift out to sea.

BTW, we have had two days of awesome practices. I can't even tell you how impressed I am with my dogs right now. Split totally stayed on task through nail guns and saw sounds, and Tip was game to try a new reward system (she has an amazing work ethic), and best of all I met my expectations for being a better trainer.

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