Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Trainer!

I am going to take a moment this morning to pat myself on the back (Click N Treat)!

The other day when I was running Split at the fun run I caught myself re-working something that Split had done wrong, then he did it right and I went on without rewarding him (shame on me). I know that I have done that before. I get caught up with my enjoyment in running and not paying the right kind of attention to the dog's performance. We have all done that right? So, I scowled myself and made a commitment to be a better, more consistent trainer.

Before I went out to work the dogs this morning I took a moment to decide what I was going to work on with each dog and then also to remind myself to be a good trainer!

With each dog, I worked very small segments, little trouble spots we have had. After each correct performance, the dog got amply rewarded. Actually over-the-top rewarded (if there is such a thing). In trying to build new habits it is good to exagerate the part that you have trouble with. It builds better muscle memory, or in this case, better behavior patterns on my part.

So, today I take a moment, smile and say "You were a good trainer today!"

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