Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A good game of chase!

When I have a puppy around the house it causes me to remember to go back and play games with my other dogs. Sometimes it is just plain FUN to kick back and play a good game of chase!

I took Tangle for a walk this morning. He woke up feeling full of energy and therefor full of piss and vinegar. Tangle is 11 weeks today and he got his first taste of what it is going to be like jogging with me. (Nobody worry, I am not about to take an 11 week old for an hour run!) We went less than 1/2 mile and it was mostly "READY", I would take off running, 10 seconds later we would stop and be sniffing something new and different. Tangle really began to enjoy the running and chancing!

Just a fun, fun, fun morning romp with the pup :)

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