Monday, July 19, 2010

The Value of Earning a Living

I saw this behavior a lot in Tip, but I didn't expect it out of Split. Apparently he needs to earn a living too!!

I have actually seen this behavior coming on for a little while and I reached my tipping point this morning. Split has been valuing good behavior and cooperation less and less. He has been slow to do things that normally would be quick and painless for him. We were working on the agility field this morning and it took him 4 minutes to give me a sit! Bad dog!!!

We stopped the games, went home and Split had to be reminded how to earn a living.

I fixed both dogs breakfast and built some excitement around Tip. Tip got her breakfast after her normal couple of stupid dog tricks. Split ran over to his spot, but his breakfast never arrived :(

Waiting for Split at the other end of the room he finally came over. "Yes", good boy, here is a couple of kibble. "Sit", wait for it, wait for it....about a minute later I got a sit. "Yes", good boy and he got more kibble. I continued this for a minute or so, treating only when I saw cooperation. Finally, the big challenge "Bang", his cue to lay down dead. He just looked at me, kinda bummed actually. But after about 30 seconds he gave me the "Bang"...I paid a big reward, pieces of raw. Again "Bang", I got the behavior almost immediatly!! That is what I was looking for, recongnition that he was having to work for a living!!!

Split earned all of his breakfast very fast after that!! Good boy.

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