Monday, November 23, 2009

Time to rest

I was feeling this way before Nationals and it still is true, it is time to rest. Since my dog of choice is a Border Collie I can not REST, but I can do different activities and rejuvenate.

I think mostly I need a break from competition agility. That is rest the part of the brain that always has to think "is this my criteria", "was that the exact behavior I am looking for", "in this trial I need to Q in ??? in order to make nationals".

We are going to spend some time swimming, hiking, maybe training some distance agility (this will actually be the first time I have ever trained distance), and learning "stupid pet tricks". We will just work our minds and body in different ways!

We are NOT going to trial.

Let's see what this change of activity brings...In the meantime enjoy our start to RESTING

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