Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My next exercise for timing

On the threadles the idea is to FC on the take off side of #2. I will have to run it to really figure that out.

After I do this exercise I will post a course map where I put the crosses.

These are comments after I ran the courses with both dogs. This is a great exercise. Certainly one that goes into the book of "revisit often".

First Split--He did a great job with the front crosses. Read them very well as I would have expected. The rear cross were a little more rusty, but he caught on well (or I did). Threadles need the most work. He really wanted to turn each threadle into a 180. As well, this is the exercise that was the hardest for me to get positioning on which didn't help him. As I went down the line of threadles my position would get worse and worse. I really need to work on this one. I should open my chest to the next in the path, leave him to get the job done while I am getting into position for the next. Because my back is facing the 180 option he should not take it.

Tip was showing her maturity here. She did great on all of these exercises with threadles being her strength. I am so proud of us, I never could have said that even a year ago. When she recognizes that you are handling and asking for collection she switches modes quickly.

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