Monday, April 27, 2009

Haven't posted in a while, not because I have not been working with the dogs.

Tip's progress has been amazing. Since we put her on 'bed rest' I have not seen signs of her injury except for the other day. She had to be restrained to get blood drawn for heart worm and I think she stressed the leg (Split took it like a man). It is back to normal now. We are beginning to increase her activity. She gets to go for very long walks, and very modified agility (no leaving the ground or sudden starts). She is very happy that she gets to do this.

Split remains an awesome little puppy (2 years old now). He has caught onto the 'driving' through the course concept, almost achieving NADAC distances at times. I need to go back and review collection with him now. Weave poles still remain a challenge in strange places. I am beginning to think it is about confidence. If this is the case, patience and practice will be the key.

Well, Monday morning, 8 inches of snow, I guess my only choice is to go back to work!

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