Saturday, December 20, 2008


Both dogs and I have been working on flat work for the last month. Boy, always interesting how different the dogs are! Tip, probably because she is seasoned, gets the flat work, but we are really trying to refine our cues and her understanding of them. Also, when I practice without obstacles she HAS to pay attention to me, I am after all the only game in town at that point. I think that this has been paying off for both of us. We have had a stellar month at class, trials, and seminars. I feel like we are really beginning to connect as a team! We have been running some very tight stuff and I feel confident I know how to keep her head when I need too.

Split is so fun. He is just so happy all the time. He loves to stay by my side. So different from Tip. Split is not a big rear cross kind of guy. We have been working very hard on this. I think that he is beginning to get it. One of the reasons rear crosses are hard for him is he wants to stay by my side. I have reviewed a ton of 'handling methods' to really understand the rear cross better (never had to think about it with Tip, she just does it). I started Split with VERY basic exercise. Sat him on the ground, went behind him, crossed behind him, when he switched his head, I threw the ball and let him go get it. We then graduated to running flat work. This is a little harder for the boy--he has to leave my side. This is what we are still working on. He seems to get it better if there is an obstacle, so I throw those in hoping he can connect the dots.

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