Friday, November 21, 2008


Today Tip and I did a seminar with Liz Blazio. The courses were challenging with lots of traps. I never would have been able to do these courses a year ago.

I liked Liz. She was very positive and good about complementing everyone on what they did well. She has a good eye on spotting the problems. Her calls are accurate.

Things that I think we did well...
  1. We had an awesome post turn. Very proud of how tight Tip turned and read what I needed. In general, there were some nice turns on course!
  2. Weave pole entries. She is solid.
  3. A-frame, nice....
  4. Some nice wraps on the course
  5. Start line stays (this is our current challenge)

Things we need to work on....

  1. When she is heading toward me and my hand is down/back, she needs to collect and come to hand. When Tip is extending, she really does not want to collect. Work on one jump. Then two, Then put a tunnel and two jumps. So gradually pick up speed once she learns what I need.
  2. Never allow her to take an obsticle without permission. Again, just another way to be strong leader for a dog that needs it! It extends to the agility course that she will take an obsticle if that one is more fun.
  3. I need to work on reading the courses better. Where do front crosses belong. In general, I need to put more in.
  4. I need to be IN CHARGE on the course.

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