Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today's practice

Well, we set up several courses with somewhat evil things like taking the back sides of side, several lead changes over three obsticles. I felt really good about how Tip did. It took her a moment to remember her wrap, but then she was great on 'wrap' and 'round'.

Split showed some of his green and I showed some of my "I forgot how to run a green dog". He did fairly well, which is usually does better on tight courses. But we came out of it with several 'to dos'.

  • Work on wrap close up and distance
  • work on just the contact part of the dog walk
  • flip out from the dog walk to a jump


  • Reinforce a wrap (just a reminder)
  • further proof a 'round', cause when there is some speed he literally goes around the jump
  • Flip out from the dog walk to a jump
  • Don't jump across my path, jump beside me
  • Weaves
  • Proof the dog walk more

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